Betsy Franco Feeney | About

I’m a rollerblading, show tune-singing, laugh-loving, animated movie-watching, pinwheel-making, puppy-loving, picture book-reading, pro bono-working, year-round iced coffee-drinking history buff who’s a perfectionist with a messy desk, overly empathetic and trying not to flip out about global warming. Sorry for the big mess we’re leaving you, kids.


Many moons ago, I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and took classes at School of Visual Arts when art and design were taught the old fashion way. Fifteen years ago when my skill set grew to include Photoshop and digital photography, it all came together to shape me into what I am today - a passionate photographer with a keen eye. 


I’ve taken pictures around the world yet I’ve always lived close to the Hudson River - its beauty holds me here. 


My favorite subject? That’s like asking a mom to choose — Individuals, groups, events, stage performances, houses, sunrises, and puppy dogs (cats too but I’m allergic!). The variety keeps me fresh. I put people at ease which results in great photos. Some people say they are not photogenic. Once they’re relaxed, I prove them wrong.


Everyone could use a gentle (re)touch. With a Wacom tablet and stylus, I use my painting skills. You end up looking like yourself, only better. The last thing you need is to walk into a business meeting or audition and not be recognized! Need vintage photos restored? A swollen eye fixed? No problem. I’ve done both. 


I work with a Canon 5D Mark II and prefer natural lighting but when the situation requires it, I use studio lights.


So let’s chat about what you need - or just call to say hi — I’d love to hear from you!


“Art makes life worth loving.”